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 작성일 : 2008-05-13 11:01:56
Do you have anything bigger???
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Pictured here from the left:

Yorkville U15P cabinets on top of
Danley Soundlabs TH-115 subwoofers
Yorkville LS800PB subs
Yorkville UCS1B subs

Starting with the LS800PB subs, they provided large amounts of punchy pleasing bass. It was all but snowing (shaking dust out of the suspended ceiling tiles) in the room during playback tests of all three subwoofers. Next up the UCS1s sounded even tighter and probably a little more clinical than the LS800PB subs. The stars of the show however were the TH-115 subs, they just simply out ran and out pounded the other two subs without breaking a sweat. It will be very interesting to hear how the TH-115 subs compare to the other big dogs at the upcoming subwoofer shootout in NYC. Most of the attendees were simply floored by the quantity and QUALITY of the bass produced by the Danleys.

With only a little more time left in the room, we paired the Danley SH-50's with the Danley TH-115 subs with the same processing as before. The SH-50's were run off of a PLX3602 in stereo with a 100 Hz 24 dB/oct LR high-pass filter and no EQ. The SH-50 speakers were very transparent and neutral sounding. Playing back a good quality recording, you simply couldn't stop listening to them. Increasing the volume simply made the sound louder, the overall tonality didn't seem to change and the mid/high amp was running out of gas before the SH-50's even hinted that they were reaching their limits.
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